Sheep close, close, grazing in the meadow, rest, also gain strength for the rest of transhumance because it is not over: all afternoon to walk again, as a group, a group that had expanded so much time to this break.

Sheep close, close, grazing in the meadow, rest, also gain strength for the rest of transhumance because it is not over: all afternoon to walk again, as a group, a group that had expanded so much time to this break.

They are conducted with great guides of 5 meters, follow the route without trying to climb over mounds, waiting for the harness and enjoy the contact with humans. They are treated and considered as associated. In winter, they join other donkeys with a friend.

The farm provides great food autonomy, and other products are purchased exclusively from local producers. He grows vegetables and chickens that have a chicken coop and two parks, they are fed with wheat, nettle, dried comfrey mixed with sound. The chicks are high with boiled eggs and sound. He has no problem with foxes, but their offers from time to time an old dead hen. He has no rabbits because these animals live in cages.

Marc would now give more time to avoid being overwhelmed by work. Marjolaine Billebault – – /02/a-saint-front-marc-joubert-et-anne-lecomte-travaillent-la-terre-grace-a-leurs-deux-anesses_11127032.html – / Yuz acampayres / – – / 08/22 / profession-gatherers of wild-plant-au mezenc – -by-two producers and gatherers-104989 My little “road movie” time for a morning transhumance Photo Reportage realized in Haute-Loire This was on the occasion of the production workshop held in last fall in Yssingeaux Haute-Loire.

I had enrolled in Doc2d Shipyard, the attraction for research and documentary filmmaking being returned at a gallop, like that in my life. So with Marjoram, Thomas and Eva, we had the chance to meet at Puy-en-Velay market, thanks to an outstanding mediator, several people involved in organic production. It was Saturday, October 22 in the morning, early enough, if I remember well, because time has passed since.

Following our short visit of the market – and, incidentally, of the majestic Notre Dame du Puy – two options are offered to our small group of researchers: the march of support to migrants Mezenc (escalating sacred) or a piece of transhumance with a pig farmer and sheep accompanied by his family and a few friends came to support (a possible getaway): I chose to take things by the end there. So very early, we had to get up early, even very early, before dawn, and embark on small country roads to find the farm of Claude, where his parents live also.

So that night, I tried, I ventured, and I found Claude who was preparing, with a young man he had internship at him for some time, the van where we finished – to one time – by ship (after brief presentations and discussions early morning) towards the sheep. At the front of the van, the wife and mother of Claude and a young woman from Normandy, freshly installed in Haute-Loire, in love with nature and invested in an environmental protection association.

At the rear, with the dog and backpacks: Claude, the young student ready to settle also as farmer bio and myself. And the truck started the night: direction, as I said, the sheep. But where are these sheep, I mean the sheep Claude?

It took 27 km of road to join them, the time to chat and see me say that I have in me two things: the masonry that comes from my grandfather and the slaughter of the father of my grandfather: two essential things in the eyes of the two companions of the night, finally there it is not the day up and one can see the surrounding countryside, and finally arrived at the place called transhumance starting with the goal of the day not least, collect all the sheep and bring them back to the farm so they can spend the winter. They walk apart from those estimated too low for that long walk for a day: they will be away, when sorting, and brought in a van by the mother of Claude.

Up there, because we were a little on the heights, a Claude’s uncle was found that use to watch over the animals since it is he who lives closest to him the shepherd of sorts. We also found a family that was already there last year, including a small boy very appreciative of Claude (look shiny and wide eyes) and some much-unfortunate not to accompany us in this march and duty let us go when the moment of departure has finally sounded.

The grandfather of this little boy was one of the companions: a friend of Claude sixty years, nature lovers too. So we walked and walked and even market, discussed some of us discovered the landscapes. At the head of the flock: Claude and the young intern.

The flock: the companion of Claude, the young woman that I have just presented, this friend of sixties and myself. Do not forget the gatherer dog (how to forget) and its task (together) is not simple: it learns slowly because it is only by innate part. Walk, walk and that until lunchtime – the friendly and tasty picnic lunch where several relatives (including three children Claude, her parents and in-laws) joined us for this gathering therefore food and diners.

Sheep close, close, grazing in the meadow, rest, also gain strength for the rest of transhumance because it is not over: all afternoon to walk again, as a group, a group that had expanded so much time to this break. After lunch, I left Claude, and all these people gathered around the stock, continue their way to the farm. I for my part enough market, and I wanted to find my group ICEM walkers researchers: Marjoram, Eva and Thomas – also curious about their experience of the day at Mont Mezenc.

To be more precise, it is a good old right knee pain had woken up in the morning (and remembering my own limits) and convinced me to go to Yssingeaux on the training place for which I was still coming in which I committed knowing full well – basically – that natural method is not always known or rarely, what will happen next, happen. Sophie Boisselier (80) for the Site Doc2d ICEM – December 29, 2016 We then prepared questions to ask the people that we would have to meet during the day at Mount Mezenc: – Why did you feel the need to participate in this action? – What is your activist journey? …… .. The article from this day success for walking support to migrants Sunday, October 23 associations Night Stand 43, CIMADE 43 RESF 43 and the Peasant Confederation organized the ascent of Mont Mezenc denouncing the refusal by M.Wauquiez homework helper
September 14, President of the Auvergne Rhone-Alpes Region, to the home of 1784 migrants from Calais.

This choice of Mezenc is doubly symbolic because recalling the Vivarais-Lignon Home traditions during the Second World War and represents a snub to the intention of M.Wauquiez who (like old M.Mitterand with Solutre) chose the Mezenc for a high-profile running back. This Sunday, October 23, there was no summer sun or XL tent for 500 people seated or forest microphones and cameras, but rain, cold, wind, fog, 2 small marquees of associations and volunteer with his van and a burner to provide hot drinks, especially between 1000 and 2000 people came throughout the day to join in this solidarity initiative.

On this occasion, a cornerstone was laid at the trailhead to the summit. The large banner “Welcome to refugees in Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes” has been held fast to the top, by against weather upset the rest of the program: the picnic as various statements were held earlier this afternoon nearby marquees near the forest house, place relatively sheltered at-least wind.

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